The 2022 Fit Planner Is HEREEEE!!!

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Hey guys!

Can you believe it’s already time to start planning for 2022?!

Honestly, sometimes it feels like we just made it to 2021! But then I look back and remember all of the exciting things that have happened so far in 2021. Seeing my designs in Target, my sister’s wedding, and FINALLY getting to go on my honeymoon. It’s been a great year! I’m ready to get to the drawing board for another year of big things.

Perfect timing because…

The 2022 Fit Planner is HEREEEE!!!! 

2022 popflex fit planner pink cover blushing blooms and inside preview

YES it’s that time again!

This is one of my favorite days of the year. There’s just really nothing more satisfying than a fresh, blank planner waiting for you to fill it with goals, inspiration, and excitement for the year to come.

It’s literally a blank slate for the new year.

But you know we do things differently here. We’re not about the “new year new me” vibe. We love to see a “new year, gonna keep crushing it” vibe instead. The fit planner helps you reflect on all of the amazing things you accomplished this year, and plan how you’re going to build on them next year. It’s about growth AND recognition for what you’ve already done.

In the 2022 Fit Planner, you’ll see a lot of the staple features you love:

Monthly prep and goal setting

Monthly recap and goal review

Allllll of the trackers (water, food, sleep, workouts, mood)

Fun weekly good habit challenges

Thick, high-quality paper

Pretty little details like a sparkly gold elastic and gold emboss

⭐  Two cover designs to choose from: Blushing Blooms and Plant Life


We added a lot of NEW features to the 2022 Fit Planner too. Wanna seeeee?!

NEW Mid-Year Check-In

Check yourself and your goals. Reflect on what’s going well, and what priorities have changed. Set the tone for the second half of the year.

fit planner mid year check in


You asked for more writing room, and we heard you loud and clear! Plan, take notes, inspire yourself with meaningful quotes, or doodle. This space is YOURS and now there is more than ever before.

popflex 2022 fit planner daily page view

Updated Weekly Workout Planner

You’re more likely to get it done if you write it down, right?! Now you can track every. single. detail.

popflex 2022 fit planner weekly workout planner

New Monthly Recipes Or Fitness Challenges

A fun little bonus to look forward to each month 😉

Last But Not Least…New Stickers!

These instantly make your to-do list more fun! These aren’t just for the planner. Use them anywhere!

YAYYYY we’re ready for you, 2022!!!!

OH BTW – The Fit Planner sells out every year…so HURRY and grab yours before they’re gone!  

Grab The 2022 Fit Planner!!